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Illustrator Spotlight Series: Meet Maria Sole Macchia

To close out our Illustrator Spotlight Series, we’d like to highlight Maria Sole Macchia, illustrator of Snack Attack: Maya and Her Snack Filled Sleepover! Born in Padua, Italy, Macchia lives and works between Padua and Paris. After attending the School of Comics in Milan, Macchia’s work was selected and recognized among many artistic spaces–Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Italian Pencils by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and more. Having worked in Serge Bloch’s atelier in Paris, Macchia continued developing her illustration style and technique. She has taught courses and seminars on fairy tale illustration at numerous institutions, bringing her talent to collaborative opportunities with international publishing houses. Macchia currently teaches “Illustration of the Tale” at the Master of Illustration in Milan.

In the conversation below, Macchia chatted with Young Authors Publishing Assistant Editor, Brooke Shannon, and shared her artistic process, her experience working on Snack Attack, and where artists should look for inspiration.

Macchia illustrating.

Brooke Shannon: How do you get inspired to produce a piece of artwork?

Maria Sole Macchia: In general, it is the things that happen in the story itself, environment, or landscape that inspire me. If it is a setting that is very distant from the one I experience on a daily basis, I do a photographic search for landscape and the architecture in which the events take place. For characters, on the other hand, I propose I create what comes to mind.

BS: What was your favorite part of working with Young Authors Publishing & why?

MSM: Working on Snack Attack, of course! It was a joy bringing the young authors’ vision for their story to life.

Macchia illustrating in her studio.

BS: What advice would you give to young, aspiring artists?

MSM: I advise young illustrators to travel and look around a lot. Take fewer selfies and more photos of landscapes, houses, forests, bridges, people, trains, clothes… everything! Pack everything you see that can enrich you. Watch films or TV series and read books.


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