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Five NEW Writing Prompts For Your Young Author

A few of our YAP book characters are back with brand new writing prompts! Allow this exercise to encourage your young writer to take steps toward their own story.

1. Addie - Dinner Table Distractions (2021)

Addie Soundland is 11 years old and lives with her mom, dad, and sister. The dinner table is where Addie gets to spend the most time with her family, but now that her parents have started a new business and her sister goes to school, they are all too busy for dinner time. Instead of talking at the dinner table, her parents are sending emails and her sister plays games on her tablet. Addie comes up with a super secret plan to get her family back at the dinner table like old times. Will Addie's plan bring her family back to the dinner table without all the distractions?

2. Jackson - A Week with Papa (2022)

Jackson loves and looks up to his grandfather, Papa, but he was worried to see how Papa would recover from a life changing surgery. Jackson visits Papa in the hospital and soon after he travels to Augusta, Georgia to visit him for a week. Jackson gets the chance to learn about his family history, connect with the older generation of his family, and appreciate the time he has with his loved ones. A Week with Papa invites readers to enjoy and reflect on what it means to support your family the best way you can at any age.

3. Justin - Differences Matter, Diversity Matters (2022)

Stand up for what you believe in no matter where you are! Noah and Justin are two similar brothers, but with one visible difference. One weekend at a cousin's birthday party and one comment at the lunch table prompted Justin to become the change that he wanted to see. He jumped into action so that he could knock down and change the social and cultural barriers that he sees happening in his middle school. What better way to generate change than to bring awareness to the problem?

4. Halo & Drake - Taming the Flame: A Story of Mastering Emotions (2022)

Expressing emotions can be a challenge, but the reward is far greater! On Goddess Island, Halo has always been supported and loved by friends. With his lightning powers, Halo knows how to do every technique! But, bully, Drake, struggles perfecting his powers of fire. With no support system, Drake doesn't know how to express his loneliness and bullies Halo! Will Drake learn how to properly master both his powers and his emotions?

5. Maya - Snack Attack: Maya and Her Snack Filled Sleepover (2022)

It’s Maya's birthday sleepover and she wants to eat all of her favorite sweet snacks. That's every child’s birthday dream, right? But, Maya's wishes quickly turn into a nightmare when she's reminded what happens when she eats too many treats before bed. Will Maya finally learn her lesson?

If your young writer would like to share their prompt responses (with parent permission), email their piece to our Assistant Editor, Brooke Shannon, and their writing has a chance of getting posted to YAP social media platforms!


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